Simplicity. Honesty. Excellence.

Time-honored materials and techniques for exquisite lighting solutions.

Behind every beautiful interior there’s someone (or a whole team of someones!) with dedication, grit, mind-boggling organization, passion, and handling it all with a smile on their face. 

To you amazing interior designers, architects, and homeowners with vision, we admire you, we see you, and are here to help. With your lighting anyway.

We started Pax Lighting out of our deep-seated belief in mastery and high-craft. Jeff went to art school…twice…both to the Art Institute of Colorado and Rhode Island School of Design. He’s passionate about details, materials, engineering, and really high standards – everything that adds up to great lighting. Teegan’s passionate about strategy, empathy, and rewriting everything until it’s just right. She particularly loves getting to be the bridge between our product and the people who so thoughtfully place them in jaw-dropping spaces. 

We get asked a lot what “Pax” means. We chose it because it means “peace” in Latin and we want it to be the main vibe of everything we do. We want our products to be a peaceful backdrop to the everyday comings and goings of our clients. And we want your experience with us to be one of overriding peace and confidence – that we’re here to help and that we’ll deliver on what we say we will. 

After time in the high-end corporate design and manufacturing world, we decided to place Pax in our hometown of Kearney, Nebraska. We knew there would be some hurdles with that decision, but valued the slower pace of life, the community, and believed we could find the right people for our team here. And we’ve been right. Luxury design in Nebraska. We hope we’re the first of many. 

We look forward to working with you!

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