Simplicity. Honesty. Excellence.

Time-honored materials and techniques for exquisite lighting solutions.

Pax Lighting was born from a love for discovering exquisite lighting solutions out of raw materials, with an emphasis in ceramic and brass. Often inspired by nature or the materials themselves, Pax Lighting’s designs value simplicity, honesty, and excellence for the ultimate in form and function.

Pax Lighting is a design and make lighting studio founded by Jeff and Teegan Nordhues. After studying product design at the Art Institute, Jeff began his career in the luxury market, designing lighting at the Dessin Fournir Companies. Inspired by the level of craft achieved in the luxury market, and with a desire to deepen his design abilities, he returned to school at the Rhode Island School of Design and received a master’s degree in product design. He continued his career in the high-end market as a designer at Baker Furniture.

Teegan’s expertise lie in marketing and public relations, with her career beginning at the Dessin Fournir Companies in their public relations department. Also a freelance writer specializing in small business and web design, Teegan values the strength of words and the importance of voice in the online marketplace.

Desiring to return to the craft of a product, and missing the expansive sky and unparalleled sunsets, Jeff and Teegan moved home to Nebraska to start Pax Lighting. Since 2015, they have provided custom fixtures to the trade market through the midwest, and have honed their aesthetic vision. Passionate about design that honors craft and respects the materials, Pax celebrates excellence in the detail, natural materials, and time honored aesthetics and techniques.

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