Timeless materials, handcrafted finishes.

Excellence in craft.

Finishes are at the core of artisanal lighting. We take the utmost of care to handcraft a finish for each fixture and give the materials the final care they deserve. We finish brass, aluminum, and terracotta.

Ivory Lichen

Double Ivory Lichen

Azure Lichen

Double Azure Lichen

Verde Lichen

Double Verde Lichen

Chocolate Lichen

Double Chocolate Lichen

Black Lichen

Double Black Lichen

Azure Matte

Black Matte

Chocolate Matte

Verde Matte

Forest Matte

Navy Matte

Porcelain Body

Brushed Nickel

Textured White

Textured Ivory

Brushed Brass

Light Aged Brass

Dark Aged Brass


Textured Black

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