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The Roseland showcases the elegance of ceramic while exploring clean, hidden connections between materials. Inspired by the bobeches of candleholders, the Roseland displays the beauty and warmth of glazed terracotta. Emphasizing the details, and for a wink of playfulness, the Roseland exposes the cables and wire that hint towards the engineering of its function. The ceiling fixture features solid brass construction and exposed bulbs.


The Lawrence is inspired by the old knob and tube wiring in homes in the early 20th century. In a similar fashion that live wires were insulated by porcelain tubes, the Lawrence is wrapped in slip cast terracotta that has been glazed for a touch of color and playfulness.. The 3-dimensional starburst is completed with hand-blown glass and solid brass construction.

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The Dixon & Emmet Collections will be releasing Spring 2019 at the Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC.

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